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Can Kickers - "Live At Lavazone" CD

Image of Can Kickers - "Live At Lavazone" CD

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In January 2007, New London, Connecticut's old-timey punk trio The Can Kickers embarked on a U.S. tour, their first show in Philadelphia. It was recorded in an all ages DIY radical space filled with drunken punks, stomping and screaming to fiddle, banjo, and drums. Old-timey, bluegrass, country...whatever you wanna call it, this is punk rock. And the first Fistolo release to feature a jawharp.

1. Nevermind/Rabbit In The Pea Patch
2. Rockin' In The Parlor
3. Soldier's Joy
4. Rachel Corrie
5. Bile Them Cabbage Down
6. Paddy Won't You Drink Some Good Old Cider/Shenandoah X
7. Afghanistan Traveller
8. Digging In The Ground
9. Blackberry Blossum
10. Black Jack Davey
11. Harvest Home
12. Raise A Rookus
13. Cotton-Eyed Joe/Greasy Coat
14. Wolves A'Howlin'