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Franz Nicolay - "Major General" LP

Image of Franz Nicolay - "Major General" LP


Franz Nicolay is that dapper, mustachioed multi-instrumentalist and man-about-town you’ve seen with such groups as The Hold Steady and World/Inferno Friendship Society. On "Major General," he steps up to the spotlight with a melodramatic grab-bag of full-throated songs, stories, and days of wine & roses; shamelessly strident, stentorian and more than a little sentimental. "Major General" is rich with tales of punk-rock disillusionment, redemption, nostalgic regret, ruthless self-interrogations & reinvention, and defiant yet affectionate apologies. It’s a new look for the stylishly vaudevillian jack-of-all-trades with the Jimmy Durante and death’s-head-accordion tattoos. A new stop on a hobo’s-trail of intelligent, incisive hedonism that’s taken him through anarcho-circus punk, Balkan-gypsy, new chamber music, and anthemic classic rock. LIGHT BLUE VINYL!

1. Jeff Penalty
2. Hey Dad!
3. World/Inferno Vs. The End Of The Evening
4. Dead Sailors
5. Do We Not Live In Dreams?
6. Confessions Of An Ineffective Casanova
7. Quiet Where I Lie
8. Note On A Subway Wall
9. Nightratsong
10. X-Games
11. This World Is An Open Door
12. Cease-Fire, or, Mrs. Norman Maine
13. I'm Done Singing