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Meisce - "Shipwrecked In A Bottle" CD

Image of Meisce - "Shipwrecked In A Bottle" CD

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File under "ANARCHO-CELTIC-PUNK"! Seattle's Meisce ("mesh-key-ah") formed October 2002, a seven-piece collective featuring members of Wormwood, Inhaste, Countdown to Armageddon, and Slightly Less Than Nothing. The result is a mix of Irish folk, klezmer, gypsy music... all with a heavy crust/punk influence. A follow-up to the "Bored of the Dance" 7", "Shipwrecked in a Bottle" is rollicking and festive for Pogues and Tossers fans - yet perfectly pissed off and beautifully dark. Lately, you might see Tom (fiddler) on stage with Mischief Brew.

1. When The Guns Have All Been Fired
2. Ghost Of The Coal Mine
3. Shipwrecked In A Bottle
4. Lock Me In The Nick
5. Grey Sunday
6. Gypsy Fiddle
7. Sean Reilly
8. A Virgin's Demise