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Mischief Brew - "O, Pennsyltucky!" Cassingle

Image of Mischief Brew - "O, Pennsyltucky!" Cassingle

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"O, Pennsyltucky!" is a love song to our fair state of PA, but like all good love songs, there's some darkness in there. Referencing places like the near-ghost-town of Centralia, PA and the Three Mile Island plant, the song pays tribute to the very weird state we live in, and two of our favorite cities on both sides. While the A-side appears on the newest Mischief Brew LP ("This Is Not For Children," on Alternative Tentacles Records), the two B-sides are exclusive to this release. Purple tapes, comes with digital download.

Side A:
O, Pennsyltucky!
Side B:
We Are The Ground
Dirty Overhauls (Woody Guthrie cover)