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Witch Hunt - "Blood-Red States" CD

Image of Witch Hunt - "Blood-Red States" CD

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Witch Hunt’s definitive second LP, an absolute ten-song rager. This Philadelphia band bring not only a line-up change (with Rob moving to guitar and new drummer Vince joining up), but a louder, heavier, grittier, crustier, and more pissed off sound. Ten tracks that blast over you like a burning locomotive then leave you for dead. “Blood-Red States” shows the growth of this band, both musically and lyrically… recorded in West Philly by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage.

1. Desperation
2. Obscenity
3. Blindfold
4. War-Coma
5. Shades Of Grey
6. Blood-Red States
7. All Torn Up
8. Wall
9. Take It All Away
10. Twenty-Five